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Vampire Survivors

Version: 1.3.302
OS: Android 7.0+
Category: Arcade
Views: 7036

Vampire Survivors is an exciting RPG-bagel about survival on Android, in which you will destroy hordes of various evil spirits!

By downloading the Vampire Survivors game, you will survive in a world teeming with evil creatures. Destroy thousands of nocturnal creatures to survive until dawn!

Collect various items and improve your character's skills. Explore different locations and learn how to destroy the undead anywhere, be it a library or a factory.

Choose your favorite character and go into battle!

Survival Tips:

  • Do not rush to collect items, they will not disappear;
  • First, take two or three types of weapons, but pump them one at a time;
  • Armor and luck are good starting improvements that are worth investing in;
  • Return the power-ups often, it's free, and try new options for improvements.


  • Exciting gameplay;
  • Simple operation;
  • Pixel graphics.

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