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Static Shift Racing

Version: 55.1.1
OS: Android 8.0+
Category: Racing
Views: 5910

Static Shift Racing is an exciting race on Android, in which you will compete with real players in the open world!

By downloading the Static Shift Racing game, you can create your dream car and join the incredible street racing of players from all over the world!

Customize your car by choosing from an endless assortment of customization options. Browse through a large catalog of unique modifications of wheels, bumpers, side skirts, body kits, spoilers, hoods and much more.

Personalize your car by painting.

Adjustable suspension and camber will improve the stability of the car.

Increase the performance of your car to defeat rivals.

Drive through the streets of a stunning open world consisting of several prosperous neighborhoods. Explore spacious highways, dirty industrial zones and wooded mountain passes.

Compete with other players and earn awesome rewards in various types of races: high-speed circuit, sprint, drift sprint and others.

Take various tests that will allow you to demonstrate your driving skills, from drift-based tests to time races.

The list of cars in the game Static Shift Racing is constantly expanding. Discover the legendary cars of the 80s and 90s. Each car has hundreds of customization options to create a truly unique car!


  • Exciting online racing;
  • Incredible open world;
  • A large selection of cars;
  • Car Settings;
  • Different types of races;
  • Amazing graphics;
  • Controller support.

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