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Simba: Where's my water?

Latest Version: 1.0.2
OS: Android 5.1+
Category: Puzzle
Views: 6921

Simba: Where is my water? - this is an exciting puzzle game for Android from the popular blogger-tiktoker Simba (Simbochki Pimpochki), in which you will pave the way for water to the houses of Simba and his friends!

By downloading the game Simba: Where is my water? you will control the shovel and dig a safe path for water so that Simba and his friends can enjoy fresh and clean water.

Explore different levels, each of which is a unique set of obstacles. You need to use logic to plot the right routes for water. Avoid various obstacles, such as traps and blocks, so that the water can reach the house.

During the excavation, you will be able to discover hidden treasures. Combine them to get water and go to the next level. And with the collected coins you can buy new treasures that will help you overcome difficulties on the way to the house.

In the game, you can customize the appearance of the house and bath, choosing from various options. This way you can make the game more unique.

Overcome all obstacles and deliver the necessary water to the houses of Simbochka and his friends!

Features of the game Simba: Where is my water?:

  • Fascinating levels;
  • Charming characters;
  • Colorful graphics;
  • Simple operation.

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