Plink 1.148.1

Version: 1.148.1
OS: Android 5.0
Updated: 05-06-2022
Views: 1439

Plink is a useful application for gamers, with which you can search for teammates and chat!

With the Plink app, you can discuss the winning strategy with your teammates in a text or voice chat.

The search system allows you to select teammates in your favorite games, taking into account all your skill requirements.

Take screenshots of the highlights of the game and share them with other players in the news feed. All your screenshots are stored in one place so that you can post them with a comment at any time.

Join the chat for gamers and look for new friends!

Plink Features:

  • Search for teammates;
  • Voice chat, group conversations and private messages;
  • Player statistics;
  • News feed.

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