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Metal Slug: Awakening

Latest Version: 1.2.2
OS: Android 4.4+
Category: Action
Views: 4239

Metal Slug: Awakening is an exciting Android game based on the legendary arcade masterpiece!

By downloading the game Metal Slug: Awakening, you will get rich content, including a large selection of weapons, a variety of battlefields and various super machines.

Get ready to travel back in time, as several iconic maps have been reliably restored in the game, including a nostalgic pyramid, a desert, a mine and much more. In addition to the classic elements, Metal Slug: Awakening also includes exciting new features such as exploring the world, teaming up with friends in 3-player mode, gameplay bagel and much more. Thus, Metal Slug: Awakening makes a powerful comeback, which will certainly meet the expectations of gamers of different generations!

Metal Slug: Awakening brings back fascinating levels, iconic characters, formidable bosses and super machines. Not to mention the updated recreation of many nostalgic elements, such as Fat Marco, mummies and more. Despite all these exciting updates, the true essence of Metal Slug IP still persists!

Thanks to the unique gameplay and challenges, the game is an exciting side-scrolling adventure from the beginning of each mission to completion! There are many adventures waiting for you in a Deserted mine, a Secret laboratory, the Southend Rainforest and other places!

Upgrade your skills with a variety of vehicles, from tanks to camels. Soar in the sky, dig underground and strike. Personalize your fighting abilities with super machines to defeat powerful bosses!

Unlock incredible character skills, use unique advanced weapons and upgrade your arsenal for epic boss battles! In addition to iconic characters and super machines, the game also features a variety of classic weapons such as H, L, I series pistols, flamethrower and more. Personalize your best weapons and race across the battlefield with unstoppable firepower!

Discover a lot of surprises by rescuing the iconic Hyakutaro, who from time to time generously gives mysterious gifts and coins, or a very active Fat Man Marco. Be careful during your journey, as there will always be surprises hidden in every Easter egg! Discover all the iconic options that made Metal Slug a legendary classic!

Features of the game Metal Slug: Awakening:

  • Fascinating gameplay;
  • Interesting tasks;
  • Cult characters;
  • Exciting battles;
  • A variety of vehicles;
  • Arsenal of weapons;
  • Powerful bosses;
  • Easter eggs with numerous surprises;
  • Great graphics.

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