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Version: 2.1.5
OS: Android 2.3+
Category: Puzzle
Views: 7035

Isoland is one of the most anticipated independent puzzles for android 2017!

In the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, there is a mysterious island that looks very quiet and calm. Its residents do not know how they got here, nor why they are here at all. All they know for sure is that the place they are trapped in is called Isoland.

You are a researcher who has received a letter from a friend asking for help with an investigation in Isoland. You go to a mysterious island, trying to unravel its secrets - but after you arrive, you realize that now you are trapped too. Don't be fooled by the beauty of the island: use your wit and logic to avoid deception and unravel complex puzzles. Only then will all the secrets of Isoland be revealed.


  • Unique and complex puzzles;
  • Exclusive gameplay;
  • Unique artistic style.


  • Pay attention to details;
  • Look for hidden objects to solve riddles;
  • Don't linger in one place;
  • If the puzzle is too complicated, use hints.

Download Isoland for Android

Download Isoland 2.1.5 APK
  • - move the folder from the archive to /sdcard/Android/obb/
  • - install the APK file
  • - launch the game!
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