Armored Squad

Latest Version: 3.1.1
OS: Android 5.1+
Category: Action
Views: 4540

Armored Squad is a dynamic team shooter with mechanisms, robots and tanks. Call your friends and join online PVP battles! Or go through 60 offline levels and fight bots. Use lasers, swords and rocket launchers! Robots can use several types of weapons at the same time.

Armored Squad Game Features:

  • Force fields, jump engines, amplifiers, shields and tons of weapons;
  • Restore your allies' robots and install defensive turrets;
  • Look for hidden drawings of mechanisms;
  • Collect parts of destroyed robots to collect new ones;
  • Unlock all three difficulty levels;
  • Many game modes: capture the flag, control points, bomb delivery and others;
  • Small game size: less than 50 MB;
  • Simple operation.

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