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2GIS: Offline map & Navigation

OS: Android 4.0
Updated: 19-09-2022
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Application 2GIS: Directory and navigator works without an Internet connection. Just download the database of the desired city and use it on the plane, subway or roaming. 2GIS knows which Internet provider is connected to your home, where the store or post office is located. This app will help you choose a cafe or service center based on reviews and photos. You can download 2GIS for android for free and find out the work schedule and phone number. During the trip, 2GIS will guide you with voice instructions. The application takes into account traffic jams and blocked streets. If you suddenly lose your way, 2GIS will pave a new route. Download 2GIS and it will offer options for buses, subways, trains, cable cars and river trams. In order not to look for the entrance to the business center, look into 2GIS. The app will show you the way to the door. 2GIS helps you navigate shopping malls by showing shops, cafes, ATMs and toilets.

Cities of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, Cyprus, Czech Republic and Chile.

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